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Groups and Duties

To solicit and compile information on speech corpora of the CSLP community world-wide, and update on the SIG website.
Website and Membership
To construct and maintain SIG website and maintain a member mailling list.
Community Relationship
To promote more interactions among SIG’s regional members, students and institutions of the SIG community, and to publicize the SIG among other SIGs in ISCA and ISCA related communities.
The major event of the SIG would be the biannual ISCSLP conferences, but by no means restrict to it only. In fact, all CSLP related activities such as regional conferences, workshops and invited talks are all welcome. The task of the group is to solicit and compile related information, and when desirable, establish Internet link between the SIG’s website to related website. 


Workgroup Chairs (2013 - 2014)

Corpora Tan Lee
Website and Membership Lei XIE
Community Relationship Jianwu DANG
Event Minghui DONG 


Workgroup Chairs (2011 - 2012)

Corpora Jiahua Tao
Website and Membership Minghui Dong
Community Relationship Berlin Chan
Event Tan Lee


Workgroup Chairs (2009 - 2010)

Corpora Thomas Fang Zheng
Website and Membership Minghui Dong
Community Relationship Helen Meng
Event Yu Hu



  1. SC Definition: International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing Steering Committee (ISCSLP-SC), a committee in SIG-CSLP, is the decision body to oversee ALL issues related to ISCSLP events.
  2. SC Composition: A committee of 12 members, consisting of 8 regional members, 2 from Mainland China, 2 from Taiwan, one from Hong Kong, and one from Singapore, plus 2 from areas outside the above four regions. To encourage members’ service to SIG there are four non-regional members, including the two immediately previous ISCSLP General Chairs (not including the co-chair), the current SIG-CSLP Chairperson, and the immediately previous SIG-CSLP Chairperson who will serve as the SC Chair.
  3. SC Membership Terms: Each member in principle serves a term of four years starting on January 1 of the year immediately following his or her election to serve the duty as stated in Item 2 above. Meanwhile the four non-regional members will only serve a term of two years. The 8 regional members can be re-nominated as regional members again to serve another four-year term after leaving SC for at least two years. There is a limit of two four-year terms a regional member can serve as a SC member. In case the current SIG-CSLP chair is re-elected for another term, the previous two SIG-CSLP chairs will remain on the SC for another 2-year term and the current SC chair will remain on the duty.
  4. SC Member Replacement: Each of the eight regional members is required to nominate one member from the same region for replacement two months before his or her term expires. The other four non-regional members’ terms are clearly defined according to their duties in SIG-CSLP or ISCSLP. In the case some of the 8 regional members also serve the duty of non-regional members, they can nominate their replacements from the same regions. All nominations have to be endorsed by the majority of the SC members. Unless there are duty conflicts six members will be replaced at every two years. To start the first cycle, four of the 8 regional members will serve a term of six years and the other four for a four-year term. This set of division for membership terms of 4 or 6 years will be decided when the first SC is formed. Therefore after the first four years (in 2015), 4 regional member’s terms will expire, and after two more years (in 2017) the remaining 4 regional members with a six-year term will also expire their terms. A regular replacement cycle of half the members will start in 2017.
  5. Commencement of the new ISCSLP-SC: January 1, 2011.


ISCSLP Steering Committee

Regional Members: (2015 - 2018)

China: Aijun LI and Jianhua TAO
Hong Kong: Man-Wai MAK
Singapore: Bin MA
Taiwan: Chung-Hsien WU and Sin-Horng CHEN
Outside Regions: Mei-Yuh HWANG and Chin-Hui LEE

Non Regional Members: (2015 - 2016)

ISCSLP2012 Chair: Helen MENG
ISCSLP2014 Chair: Haizhou LI
SIG-CSLP 2011-12 Chair: Haizhou LI (SC Chair)
SIG-CSLP 2013-14 Chair: Haizhou LI

Regional Members: (2011 - 2014)

China: Fang ZHENG and Jianhua TAO
Hong Kong: Pak-chung CHING
Singapore: Bin MA
Taiwan: Sin-Horng CHEN and Lin-shan LEE
Outside Regions: Li DENG and Chin-Hui LEE

Non-Regional Members: (2013 - 2014)

ISCSLP2010 Chair: Jhing-Fa WANG
ISCSLP2012 Chair: Helen Meng
SIG-CSLP 2009-10 Chair: Chiu-yu TSENG (SC Chair)
SIG-CSLP 2011-12 Chair: Haizhou LI

Non-Regional Members: (2011 - 2012)

ISCSLP2008 Chair: Yu HU
ISCSLP2010 Chair: Jhing-Fa WANG
SIG-CSLP 2009-10 Chair: Chiu-yu TSENG (SC Chair)
SIG-CSLP 2011-12 Chair: Haizhou LI