Nominees of SIG-CSLP Officers (2008)

Dear SIG-CSLP members, 

We are writing on behalf of the Special Interest Group on Chinese Spoken Language Processing (SIG-CSLP), ISCA to announce the close of officer nomination, and to call for vote by ballot. 

The term of incumbent officers expires by the end of the calendar year. Three offices: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary, were open for nomination from 14 May 2008 to 31 July 2008. All candidates must be nominated by at least two other members and must agree to be candidates. 

The nominations received are as follows (the nominated name is followed by the number of nominations): 

        Chiu-yu Tseng (Academia Sinica, Taipei)                                 10
        Qiang Huo (Microsoft, Beijing)                                                 1

 Vice Chairperson:
        Jianhua Tao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)                   6
        Thomas Zheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)                             1

        Bin Ma (Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore)                  7
        Junfeng Li (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) 1

 Officer (nominations without specific positions):
        Chiu-yu Tseng (Academia Sinica, Taipei)                               1
        Mei-Yuh Hwang (Microsoft, US)                                           1

Following candidates of SIG-CSLP officers who have received at least two nominations and number of nominations:

Chairperson: Chiu-yu Tseng      10
Vice Chairperson: Jianhua Tao   6
Secretary: Bin Ma                   7 

On-line ballot collection will start from 20 September 2008 and close on 31 October 2008. The election outcome will be announced by 30 November 2008. 

Details of ballot will be availabe soon on the official SIG-CSLP website. 

In the meantime, please check out the SIG website for the flagship event ISCSLP2008. We look forward very much to your participation.  


From Taipei, Beijing and Singapore,
Chiu-yu Tseng, Jianhua Tao, Bin Ma
SIG-CSLP Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary